We Are Pathology

Banner image of piece of wall art with doodles and words. Text reads - '...Looking within, to look out for folk, from a hidden corner. It's been stressful, the extra pressure, But we love to help together. We are hope and haematology, Immunology and insight, The Point of care testing, Cleaners,micro biology, cups of tea. Blood science, transfusion, workmate inclusion. An empathetic secretarial chemistry, Cytology and vision, Andrology for the people, Our histology in the making. Powered by humans, Double loved and cuffed. A union of heroes...'.

…Looking within, to look out for folk, from a hidden corner…’

Celebrating all the very hard work of Scarborough Hull York Pathology Service (SHYPS), with this huge doodled wall art recently installed in York and Scarborough Hospitals. Plus also, 200 #letterpress prints for the staff based on this piece were created as part of this work. 

Following a visit to SHYPS service I doodled a shared spoken word piece based on what staff said to me about their work, wellbeing and generally how they go proudly about their business to get stuff done together.

I then set this in letterpress type, sent it for review, did some edits, then with digital magic created the wall art piece using both the doodles and letterpress text forms.

Then, visiting SHYPS again I created 200 letterpress versions of the piece on an vintage #adana8x5 machine on handmade lokta paper. One for each of the staff.

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