photos of graphicking images produced by Stephen Lee Hodgkins

Graphicking is a colourful method for capturing ideas and information visually in real time. Used at meetings and events it can enable innovative thinking and effective communication between individuals and groups. It encourages people to be dynamic and think about information in pictures. This supports better engagement with topics by creating accessible visual summaries that are quick to digest.

This website gives some examples of my work as a 'graphicker' and how and why it works.


"'Graphicking' is a great way to capture and communicate debate, discussion and actions. Not only is it accessible and inclusive but having a 'live' dynamic picture record of an event is really energising, fun and creative. It is also a great way to communicate an event to those not there - its so much better to say have a look at this colourful visual graphic then read through these dull notes! I would whole heartedly recommend graphicking and can think of no better exponent than Stephen - he a skilled artist and an expert facilitator of inclusive and creative spaces and gatherings" - Tracey Lazard, CEO, Inclusion London.