I am a self taught community artist and visual thinker with a positive attitude. I have engaging people skills, loads of creative energy and am committed to inclusion and human rights.  I have a range of research and involvement skills, along with significant experience of working with community based organisations using an arts based approach. 

Having left school with no qualifications, I later received the labels of dyslexia, dyspraxia and attention deficit.  Reflecting on these nowdays my preference is for the term neurodiverse, and I ‘ve learnt to embrace and harness my diverse language use and organisational approach to the world.  Indeed this gives me a great deal of insight in terms of the how we engage with each other.

Returning to university as a mature student, in 2008 I completed a PhD in Social Psychology. An abridged version of my thesis was published as a chapter in an international text in 2009 ‘Disabilities: Insights From Across Fields and Around the World’. I’ve since also written about experiences of dyslexia and the joy of using screen readers, see here.