Reclaimed Reindeer

sheer black reindeer iconWords and Wood Wanted!

The Groves is a fabulous part of York, with a colourful history and a shining bright future. As part of the current regeneration project I am going to make a ‘reindeer’ shaped art piece created by using brightly painted scrap wood collected from in and around the Groves and inscribed with words and short sentences from the local community about responses to the questions;

  • What does the Groves mean to you?
  • What do you remember?
  • What do you hope for the future?

The Reindeer shape is a nod toward the old pub in Penleys Grove Street, now the Londis, and all those other places like The Magpie, or Castle Howard Ox, or the Shepard’s shop on Townsend Street that some people remember.

So if you have a some words to share in response to the questions above, or even some old scrap wood to spare do get in touch below.

Stephen Lee Hodgkins /  07951050153 /


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