About me

I am visual and critical thinker with a positive attitude. I have engaging people skills, loads of creative energy and am committed to inclusion and human rights.  I have a range of research and evaluation skills, along with significant experience of working with community based organisations.

In 2000 I set up a disabled persons organisation in Tower Hamlets, now part of Real. This provided information, peer advocacy and adaptive technology advice, as well as promoting equality and inclusion.

In 2008 I completed a with a PhD in Social Psychology. An abridged version of my thesis was published as a chapter in an international text in 2009 ‘Disabilities: Insights From Across Fields and Around the World’.

From 2008 – 11 I ran the Disability LIB project, a £4million national lottery funded capacity building program, providing management consultancy skills to 200+ community organisations around business and strategic planning, quality reviews, fund raising, HR and leadership development initiatives. 

I am based in York and London, and willing to travel.