Joyful Connections Group Print

Recently I worked with the Joyful Connections group who meet at St Luke’s Church in Burton Stone Lane.  Together we created the following lino cut portrait ‘group print’ piece.
Beginning with smiley photos we digitally traced and transferred the images onto lino.   
Next while chatting about ‘what makes us happy and well?’ We carved out the faces in the lino.  Once carved, on a large and colourful sheet we printed the happy faces.Then using a old wooden typeset, from the Delittle wood type foundary of York, part of the things we said while chatting about ‘what makes us happy and well’ were printed around the faces. 

This includes things like ‘this is a friendly place’, ‘if anything goes wrong, people come round you, they surround you’, ‘I keep positive, cos there’s still an awful lot of people to annoy’ and ‘there’s a strong sense of comradeship, community here’.   Then once dry, the piece was framed for the group.Joyful connections is a cracking group. Such a remarkably happy and supportive network, for more details of them see here. 


Published by SLH