Visual minutes  involve pens, big pieces of paper and people. Also known as graphic recording or facilitation, when used at meetings and events it can enable innovative thinking and effective communication between individuals and groups. It encourages people to be dynamic and think about information in pictures. This supports better engagement with topics by creating accessible visual summaries that are quick to digest.

Here ‘s an example of a time line created for the York Human Rights City Launch. York and the UK has a long history of human rights, fairness and equality. Everyone’s human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled. #yorkrights

Typically how it works is that a visual minuter attends the meeting or event and, on big bits of paper draws what people are saying, capturing the mood and themes arising. At the end of the event the visual minuter will talk through the image and summarise the content of the day. The image produced can then be used as a record of the event.