Below is some feedback from the organisations I have worked with.

Think Local Act Personal

“We got a great record of the breadth of discussion on the day and we incorporated it in to our write-up report of the day. Members of our co-production group have a variety of access needs and it was felt that this would be a useful addition to recording conversations, especially as the day was designed to aid greater collaboration and understanding across the group. Additionally one of our members spoke very personally about the analogy of the ‘tree of life’ and his own personal journey of recovery and your additional graphic around this meant a huge amount to him (he has the original at home now) but was also useful for the wider group. – Paul Richards, Coproduction advisor.

Inclusion London

“This is a great way to capture and communicate debate, discussion and actions. Not only is it accessible and inclusive but having a ‘live’ dynamic picture record of an event is really energising, fun and creative. It is also a great way to communicate an event to those not there – its so much better to say have a look at this colourful visual graphic then read through these dull notes! I would whole heartedly recommend the approach and can think of no better exponent than Stephen – he a skilled artist and an expert facilitator of inclusive and creative spaces and gatherings” – Tracey Lazard, CEO.

 The Alliance for Inclusive Education

“The image has given the group a sense of identity we use it as a remind of what we did and why we are all taking part in the project. Stephen is great to work with as he really picks up the atmosphere of the event in his recording, he’s open to suggestions for images and participant involvement in the graphic. This means the end result feels like it is owned by the whole group” – Zara Todd, Participation Research Project Worker.

Disability Equality North West (DENW)

“We use this as an accessible method of recording the questions and feedbacks of an event. It gives us a ‘pictorial’ record of the event that we can display in our centre which then facilitates further discussion of the topic. During an event having a graphic facilitator also facilitates the process of people asking questions, some people feel more comfortable seeing pictures and seeing their question in pictures rather than words. Stephen has a real talent for turning words, complicated discussions into pictures and easy to understand graphics” – Mel Close, CEO.