Here’s a selection of my recent work including, linocut prints, cartoons and animations.  

A War Against Disabled People – Audio visual summary of Chris Edwards 2012 report: ‘The Austerity War and the impoverishment of disabled people’. Words by Chris Edwards, Visuals by Stephen Lee Hodgkins. This was shown at the Shape Open exhibition in 2012/13.


Bodeelanwigch – Animation exploring the representation of dyslexia challenging language and literacy norms. Presented as an audio visual poem, the original text written by the disability activist and artist Simon Brisenden (published in ‘Poems for Perfect People’ in 1987) this piece reconsiders the themes in relation to notions of dyslexia and associated learning difficulties. This was shown at the Shape Open ‘[In]visible’ exhibition in 2014/2015.

Just a Line – This animated clip was inspired by a family collection of censored postcards from World War I sent from the trenches by my Great Great Uncle John Edward Kirby, also known as Jack to his brother, between 1915 to 1918. Drawing on the words Jack wrote whilst in the trenches, this clip presents a summary version of the postcards. Created by Stephen Lee Hodgkins and Mary Anne Northeast.


The Understated LadyBird and the Big Pale Foot. Comic poem, pdf (2017) – Tells the tale of how Rosie Noir, an understated ladybird, stood up to the big pale foot following a terrible time of being downtrodden.  Inspired by personal diversity and collective pride the story celebrates speaking up to the face, or herein the foot of oppressiveness.