Creative Facilitation

Facilitating groups using creative techniques can help draw out ideas, experiences and new perspectives on everyday issues that may sometimes feel beyond further debate. Using creative techniques that value and emphasise the importance of everyone’s involvement, they can provide insight for groups by encouraging alternative and creative ways of thinking and engaging with information. Prepared appropriately for the group they can be an accessible, inclusive and participatory method to help people and organisations plan, design, organise and adapt their activities, as well as articulating their voice and experience.

Below are some examples of my recent work relating to this.

Group Print – Group print is a fast paced low tech participatory method that can help capture the experiences and perspectives of a place based community. The approach values and emphasises the importance of everyone’s involvement, and combines place based icons with emotive key words from participants, in response to questions like what is community? Or what does the library mean to you? Group print creates co-produced art pieces that capture everyday diversity as well as highlighting the social interconnectedness of people and place.  The images below show the process and end results from previous group prints I have been part of.


Developing from the Negatives – Working with a group of stakeholders involved in tackling disability hate crime in Preston, Lancs, I facilitated a session to develop some publicity material for the project.  During the 2 hour session participants were encouraged to doodle responses to a range of questions including, what is disability hate crime, the impact, what can be done and where to report it.  The end result was the following short video clip that was used to publicise their work.

Making it Real for Young Carers – During an information day, young carers were encouraged to add contributions to a huge doodle wall about their experience and thoughts for the future.  Whilst doing so I interviewed and recorded several young carers and produced the following audio visual clip.  This contributed to the production of the document ‘Making it Real for Young Carers‘ by Think Local Act Personal.

Please contact me to explore how you might use creative facilitation techniques in your work.