What does York’s ‘Community’ Skyline look like?

What does York’s ‘Community’ Skyline look like?

Typically when towns and cities create visual skyline banners they include the places most popular with tourists.  While this can be good for getting people to visit it does not always include those places that hold important meaning to the often diverse and disparate local communities.

Banners, web headers and posters of York are no different, presenting the usual suspects of the York Minister, Cliffords Tower, the city walls and its various gates and bars.   However, for the York’s local communities there are other places of much more personal and collective meaning. These are many and include a range of hidden gems, such as Priory Street off Micklegate, Door 84 in the Groves, Burnholme Community Hub in Tang Hall and many others.

Community is however not a straight forward thing to define. It can relate to identity, and also to interest. It can be about where you are, but also where you want to go. And we are not just part of one, but rather we connect and move between many communities through our shared ideas, experiences and preferences.

To celebrate some of these community places and spaces in York I am creating a pop art group print piece. This will involve me going round with a big canvas and getting people to print community place based icons and keywords about what they mean to them. People that get involved will do two prints, one on the big piece and one for them to take away. From this I’ll also create a digital piece that will be used by City of York Council, York CVS, Healthwatch York and Age UK York on a website that will provide information and advice about health and wellbeing.

So to do this I am looking for people to answer the following;

What is community? What does it mean to you?

What does York’s Community Skyline look like? What community places and spaces are important to you?

You can post answers below, email me on hiya@stephenleehodgkins.net or tweet me @HodgkinsSL

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  1. In New Earswick there is a strong community. Including Nelli (New Earswick Less Loneliness Initiative), CAN (Community Action for Nature) and NEST (New Earswick Sharing Together).

    In Huntington there is the Community Centre which has a café Monday to Friday 10 until 12. Also Huntington Good Neighbours is also very good.

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